Wife, Mother, MS Thriver, Breast Cancer Survivor


"I'm passionate about making a difference and inspiring others to. . . Make a Difference!"


Designer Terri Bleam

     Growing up on the sunny beaches of Florida, Terri moved to Southern California in her early teens to pursue an active modeling career with a major agency that had sought her out and signed her for print, film, and commercials. In her young busy life she traveled domestically and internationally on assignment, and soon graced the covers and pages of top magazines. Of course; her job perks included wearing the finest of clothes, makeup, and accessories. Through it all Terri developed a personal sense of style, and loved to accessorize and "tweak" her own attire. She loved finding trinkets and turning them into "where did you get that?" pieces.


     However her life was about to take a fantastic turn. In 1987, while still immersed in her modeling career, she met then later married her spring break beau. In 1993, the first of her three girls were born and creativity was put on hold. In the spring of 2000, while pregnant with their third daughter, she knew she was ready to persur her artistic dreams and began to design her own line of jewelry. Like a kid in a candy store, she begins buying and collecting her exotic and colorful choices of beads. Her lucky first customers were friends and family... and soon as the excitement spread... Candy Baubles happened. 


     Be it glamour, drama with a zing, jewels gone wild, soft and dreamy touches, or, casual elegance, her inspired collections offer the perfect jeweled compliment to anyone's own sense of style.


     Terri and family moved in 2002 to palmetto strewn Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. In 2003, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The Make a Difference Starfish splashed onto the scene in 2005. It's launch was a hoped for but unexpected success with proceeds benefitting multiple sclerosis research. After witnessing the positive effects this jewel had on so many lives,  she realized she couldn't keep this treasure, for her cause only, any longer. In 2010 she was also diagnosed with breast cancer. "I'm passionate about making a difference and inspiring others to. . . Make a Difference!" Business has thrived since opening the doors to her elegant home based studio. For Terri, her business has infused her life and she'll gladly share it with anyone who comes knocking. Come experience Make a Difference Starfish. The exquisite jeweled treats are beautiful, meaningful and inspirational!